Merry Christmas, TWC!

I was honoured to play the role of photographer at your Christmas dinner!

Please scroll down to find a link to your photos. You may download them and print them as you wish.

Please take a moment to look at what Naomi and I work hard at.

Naomi photographs births. Yes, that's right. Births!

You can look at her inspiring photographs here.

I, Mat, love to photograph families and teach photography.

I'll be doing a lot of photography classes and workshops in 2018, so drop me a line if 2018 is your year to learn photography!

Hope you enjoy your photos!

Click here to see and download your photos :)


Please, feel free to contact us!

We cover family photography in Trenton, Belleville, Stirling, Prince Edward County (Picton), Centre Hastings (Madoc, Tweed, Marmora), North Hastings (Bancroft), Brighton, Colborne, Cobourg, even out of town too :)

Thanks! Message sent.