Photography for Real Life Families.

Family. I wonder if anyone can shape us and influence us as strongly as they do? We have a stronger bond with our family than we do with anyone else. No stranger will love us like our families do. Nobody will put up with us like our families do! Friends come and go. But for better or worse, families are families.


We give each other life and nourishment and a future and a history. Who can resist the tales told by Grandparents, or the stories that siblings share as they unite around the dinner table? We have the chance to create a wonderful life together. And photography is one of the ways that we can share our history with others.   


This is where Acorn and Oak Family Photography finds its purpose. We cherish our marriage and our children. We have devoted ourselves to being family photographers. To our family first and then to yours.


Our gift to you is a piece of history, something to help your memory as it fades. It is a gift that you will pass down to others. It is priceless.


The greatest portraits and photographs that histroy has ever known have something in common. They're real. Real people doing real things, showing real expressions, and real love for one another. 


We know that life is not posed and it does not sit still for very long. So we prefer to offer you little adventures that we turn into photographs. Your wedding day is adventure enough - but along the way we teach you to break your awkward smile and ease up for photos. Your newborn baby may cry and scream and just want to nurse, but we will still make wonderful photos. Your kids are like a whirl wind. Never staying still, cheesy smiles, covered in dirt. But the photos we make will amaze you.


From our family to yours, we offer you the gift of photography.

PS - We've begun to write a bit about the story of our family business, you can about it here.

What Our Family Business Means to Me.

Family Photography, Trenton, Ontario

We're Mat and Naomi. Married for 10 years, 3 kids and counting. We love to cook over the fire, travel, learn, teach, and make photographs.

Birth Photographer, Belleville, Ontario
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Mat - Wedding, Family, Photographer

My first camera came from a cereal box. It looked like a key chain toy and, unfortunately, didn't work too well. It completely overexposed the first role of film I used.

Photo by Melissa Anthony

Naomi - Birth Photographer

My name is Naomi Ruth. In Hebrew that means, "Pleasant Friend." I have prided myself my whole life on living up to that. I value people. Cherish them. Care about them. Love them. And I try to show that by how I live.

Life has moments to be savored; family life especially. With its ebb and flow it is important to look always on the better moments to be reminded that the people in your family are valuable, to be cherished, cared for and loved.


Weddings, family outings, maternity and births are all wonder-filled times to be kept and I am always humbled and honored to be asked to share in a family's moment to help them hold on to the times of joy and celebration.


I particularly love birth photography. To be selfish, it is a wonder of wonders to watch a baby being born, and I just love watching this miracle unfold before my eyes! 


I look forward to meeting you, talking to you, getting to know you, and serving you behind the lens.

The gear I use today is a little more sophisticated. It also costs a little more than the price of a box of cereal. But one thing hasn't changed since that first camera; my ambition for photography.


I've always enjoyed photographing candid moments of people interacting with each other and the world around them. I also have a few years experience as a portrait photographer working with all ages in the course of a single day.


My life as a photographer began the day I plunged into a bowl of disgusting cereal just for the camera. Acorn and Oak was born the day my wife and I first worked together to photograph a wedding.


I think families are the most important thing I can photograph. I would love to think that a picture might make a marriage stronger or, might inspire someone to selfless parenting on the hardest days.


I have shoe boxes filled with photos from my childhood, and now a hard drive filled with photos of my own kids. I love this job and anticipate a great time making photos for your family too!