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One on One Photography Lessons

in Belleville, Ontario.

Photography Lessons For Every Level

I've created one-on-one photography lessons covering everything from beginner camera settings to workshops in landscape, portrait, and even Milky Way photography! 

No matter where you're at with photography, there is something for you!

Beginner Camera Settings

In this 60 min class I’ll set you up with the most important camera settings for the things you love to photograph and give you an intro to taking better photos.

95 +hst


Intermediate Camera Settings

If you've been experimenting with camera settings but are a bit confused, this 60 min class will help you get it all straight in your mind (plus show you some secrets most photographers won't tell you). 

95 +hst

iPhone Photography

Everything about the art of photography applies to photos you take with your smartphone. 

In this 90+ min class, you'll learn about camera angles, beautiful light, when/why to use the different lenses on your smartphone.

195 +hst


Nature & Landscape Photography

In this 90+ min class, we'll cover the best camera settings, composition techniques, and light for exploring nature and landscapes in photography.

195 +hst

Portrait Photography

This 90+ min class explores all things portrait related - camera settings, lenses, light, angles, how to work with people.

195 +hst


Waterfall Photography

Take your landscape and nature photography to the next level with the silky waterfall technique.

Learn the camera settings and lighting techniques.

195 +hst

Milky Way Photography

Capture the wonder and awe of the night sky. We'll visit a dark sky viewing area and master the camera settings necessary to photograph the Milky Way.

195 +hst

How It Works
Fancy Camera

No Camera?
No Problem!

I'll lend you a camera and lens as part of a package which includes:

  • A beginner camera setting lesson to get you started.


  • 2 weeks with the camera to try it out and practice.

  • Feedback on your first 2 weeks of photography is provided through a video that you can keep.


195 +hst

How It Works

These one-on-one photography lessons are designed to be your own personal photography workshop.


You can sign up for one class if that's all you need, or take a series of classes to build your skills.

Each class comes with a set of PDF notes, often tailored to the camera you're using.

Simply choose which class you'd like to take and we'll book a time that works for you!

I'm here as your personal photography teacher.


Meet the Teacher

I'm Mat!


I have been obsessed with photography since I was ten.

My first 'real' camera was a borrowed Canon Rebel that I used for the yearbook.


After working as a school portrait photographer for a couple of years, I launched Acorn and Oak Family Photography. 

As I saw others struggle with their photography, I realized I had a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share. That's when I made it my mission to take the best of what I've learned and teach it to others.


You are truly what every teacher should be.


Planning your lessons thoroughly, modifying based on your students’ needs and interests.

You encourage, you guide, you celebrate.


I love watching your feedback videos, not just for what I learn from them but because it makes me feel SO good. THANK YOU! 

~ Susan


Susan McCourt.jpg

Schedule Your Class

To schedule your on-on-one photography class, simply fill out the contact form below and we'll set a time and place.

Check the Classes You're Most Interested To Take

Thanks for getting in touch!

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