Photography Classes For People

Who Learn by Being Shown

Belleville, Ontario

Intro to Camera Settings Class


Intro to Camera Settings

There are countless buttons menus and dials on your camera. Most of them are unnecessary. The genius is understanding which few settings you actually need to know.


This 90-minute hands-on class will give you a tour of the most essential settings. Like the ones that will give you an out of focus background, the ones that will freeze the action, and the one that helps your camera to see in the dark.


Bonus: After the class, you'll receive a week of quick follow-up lessons through email to make sure you remember (and practice) everything you learned in class.

Date and Location

Sept - 2019 TBA

6:30 - 8:00 pm

Trenton, ON



50 (+ hst)



At age 10 I had an obsessive passion for photography. Unfortunately, I wasn't good at it.

But with a teacher to show me exactly what to do, I finally excelled. Even winning awards for my portraits and beginning my own photography business.


I became a teacher to help all those other people who are obsessed with photography and know they can excel if somebody shows them how.

~ Mat

Mat is a fantastic hands-on teacher. Not only does he break down the elements of a great picture into simple and easy steps but he incorporates what I want out of my photography too. During my lessons I saw instant results and I knew how to improve. I highly recommend Mat's classes!

- Nikki G.

4 Week Course


Transform Your Photography

I designed this course for people who love photography. 


I know that of I can just show you what settings to use, review your photos with you, and give you small tips that are easy to use, your photography will be transformed.

How to Work Your Camera

Each week you'll learn something more about your camera. You'll have control over how your camera takes a picture rather than just getting random and disappointing results.


But don't worry, I won't overwhelm you with everything all at once. We build slowly with hands-on help and practice.

Course Outline

The course consists of 4 classes.



We meet once per week and classes are 2 hours.



Each class builds on what you learned the week before so that your knowledge grows without being overwhelmed.



I know that the secret to becoming great at something is to learn in bite-sized pieces. So, every day of the week you will receive a mini photography lesson delivered through email.


If you want to get good at photography you will need lots of feedback. Each week, you will submit photos to me so that I can give you feedback and help you improve even faster. The feedback is recorded as a video that you can watch at your convenience.


One student said that the feedback videos are like waiting for Christmas morning!

What You Will Learn

You won't be overwhelmed with confusing information that will be too difficult to use.

Each week we will cover essential camera settings, proper use of your lenses, light, and creativity. The same ingredients that are used in every great photo.

In your weekly photo critique video I will show you how to put the finishing touches on your photos through simple editing techniques.

As I study the work of master photographers as well as my friends who got a lucky shot, I see that the people who take the best photos always do the same things right.


They use the perfect camera setting. And there are really only a couple you need to know.

They use their lens properly.

They have beautiful light in their photo.


They use simple creative techniques.

Dates and Location

The course will be held at outdoor locations in Belleville and Trenton.


The next course will run on:

Sunday afternoons (Sept 22 - Oct 20) 2019.

3:00-5:00 pm


The full course is 395 (+hst)

Join me for a month long course, with a small class, and hands-on photography learning.


Get in touch with Mat

to enroll in the camera setting class or the 4 week course.

Photography classes are offered throughout Trenton and Belleville, accommodating students from Picton (Prince Edward County), Brighton and Cobourg.


Who is this Course For?

This course is for people who love photography, are constantly taking photos, and would like a teacher to give them specific help and show them exactly what to do.

If you think you’re obsessed with photography and want hands-on help, then this course is for you.

What Camera Should I Have?

Any brand of camera is fine (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.) but it should have detachable lenses.

Who Normally Takes

This Course?

Moms and dads with a new camera

People who love to travel and enjoy nature


Small business owners

People hoping to start their own photography business