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The Butterfly Run

In 2016 I was pregnant with my 3rd child. My best friend was pregnant too.
I will never forget the night she called and told me; "They can't find the heartbeat." It was the same night I went into labour and birthed my son.
The events of those few days shook me. How could I ever take for granted my baby boy that I held knowing that her arms were empty.

While I had heard of The Butterfly Run, walking with her and her family in their grief, I learned how vital it is for a family experiencing pregnancy and infant loss. 
Created by three mothers in the Quinte region to raise awareness of infant and pregnancy loss, The Butterfly Run has increased care for bereaved families in local hospitals.

What was intended to be a small memorial run, exploded into a large event that was embraced by the Quinte community and raised in its first year over $76,000.

In it's second year, $100,000.

In gratitude, I volunteer and offer photography for families who lost their little ones in pregnancy. I am humbled to serve them in their grief and help The Butterfly Run in its mission to raise awareness of pregnancy and infant loss.

To learn more about The Butterfly Run Quinte. Please visit their website.


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