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Kind Words from
Real People

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"Naomi provided my husband and I with images we could not possibly express our true appreciation for, even with 1000 words. Images that helped me OoOo and aAAAaaaaA and heal and process and relive every moment we met our daughter. She was professional, incredibly reliable, so kind, so patient, so generous and enthusiastic - if you are considering hiring Acorn & Oak do it now now now now!!!!"

Angela Gallo

"...Honestly most days it felt like she was my biggest fan, always encouraging me to reach my goals and achieve my dream birth...."


"...Her integrity and spunky spirit made it very easy to connect with and trust her."


"...felt completely like she was apart of our family..."

"Her demeanor (was) comforting. I would have to say that Naomi was born to do this."



"Naomi was exactly who we needed at our birth. I can't imagine anyone else being so invested in our "out of the ordinary" birthing efforts. She blended in when needed and played a crucial role active role when needed. My birth was completely natural but I still missed out on a lot of moments that she captured and was able to share with me. I was so happy to watch my entire labour and birth once it was all over. I am able to relive one of the happiest days of my life over and over again."


" understanding of the vibe I needed at our home water birth. She captured the moments and melted into the environment flawlessly."


 "...She arrived quickly after we paged her for the birth and was very helpful throughout the birth. Our pictures and video turned out great"


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