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You don't need a headshot, you need a Masterpiece.


Every true writer, performer, artist or entrepreneur

aims at nothing less than their highest goal.

The people I envy are obsessed

with their highest goal.

They're obsessed with words.

With giving a performance.

And with bringing an idea to life.

They start with the emptiness.

One clean sheet of paper.

A stage without sets.

A place long forgotten.

And when they begin.

They scratch out words.

They stutter over lines.

They're like awkward newcomers.

It doesn't turn out right.

Not even with third times charm.

Inspiration betrays them.


But they push through.

The misery.

The frustration.

The disorder.

Because they must create.

Their character is going to speak.

Their canvas will be filled.

Their idea has to live.

They're obsessed with what they do.

And, So Am I.


I'll go without sleep, give up food, forget about everything; just to create.

I live to see and hear the excitement of other creators when they see their portrait.

Yes, there is a soul under that awkward smile.

You need a masterpiece.

And that is my obsession.

A Lifetime of Obsession








At 10, I became obsessed with taking pictures. It wasn't a digital world, so "snapping pictures" cost me everything.

Back then I was a dreamer. But I dreamed ideas that were "too big." Today the word for that is entrepreneur. But I listened to the voice that said, "too big."

Years later, rising from the rubble of my teenage years, I found a band that needed a bass player. We cut an album, quit our jobs, hit the road, and slept on floors.

Then there was this girl. My heart beat a new tune. You know the feeling. We got hitched and promised to never live a normal life.

Together, we parted ways with what one calls a predictable life - with it's daytime hours and certainty of a paycheque.

I know well the frustration of the "creative life." The misery of having no voice. The frustration of not getting it right. The temptation of turning your back and getting a real job.

And the shear mad delight of accomplishing something good. Of words that flow and pictures that look beautiful.

Everyday, I strive toward my masterpiece.

I know you don't just need a headshot.

Everyone has one of those.

You need a portrait that shows you as you really are.

How they felt about their photos...

Headshots, portraits, Belleville, Ontario

​"I'm exactly as you describe on your site - hating most photos of myself - and I know that if anyone can pull out a good photo of me... it'll be you."

Beth Ricci, Writer

Red & Honey

"I believed that no amount of money could result in a good photo of me.

Meeting Mat changed everything."

~ Veronica, Quinte Entrepreneur

Headshots, portraits, Belleville, Ontario
Headshots, portraits, Belleville, Ontario

"It'll be awkward, the MOST awkward, but then suddenly it won't be. There's nowhere better to go."

Rachael, Quinte Entrepreneur

Normally the only thing I hate more than having my photo taken is seeing myself in the photos afterwards. But I ended up with a bunch of really great headshots that I felt confident using for my website and social media branding. 

Kelly Oribine, Writer

Headshots, portraits, Belleville, Ontario
Headshots, portraits, Belleville, Ontario

"I am someone who is uncomfortable in front of the camera."

Megan Irvine, Quinte Entrepreneur

Mamma Mila Cloth Diaper Services

Portrait Package

I offer portrait sessions in the Quinte area (Cobourg, Belleville, Picton, Kingston).

Let's forget about time limits, but plan for an hour or two.

Within the week, you'll receive a gallery of digital portraits. They're all yours to keep, and you can use them as you wish with no limits.

495 (+hst)

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I create portraits for entrepreneurs, creators, and thinkers in the Quinte area; Cobourg, Brighton, Trenton, Belleville, Picton (Prince Edward County), Kingston.


Use the contact form to send questions, or get the process started.

~ Mat

Your letter was sent successfully!


I've removed all the obstacles to getting your portrait made.

Scheduling is remarkably flexible. I create my own schedule, so I'll make it work for you.

I can do portraits in your home or work space. That way everything you need is close at hand.

 Now the only thing standing in your way is not feeling confident in front of the camera.


Nobody is.

None of the people I photograph are confident. It's not your job to be confident in this.


You be confident with what you do, I'll be confident with what I do.


Remember, I'm obsessed with this. You offer your creative gift to the world, I offer mine to you.

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