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Hey! We're Mat & Naomi

Photography for Real Families
(why we do what we do)

Family. I wonder if anyone can shape us and influence us as strongly as they do? We have a stronger bond with our family than we do with anyone else. No stranger will love us like our families do. Nobody will put up with us like our families do! Friends come and go. But for better or worse, families are families.


We give each other life and nourishment and a future and a history. Who can resist the tales told by Grandparents, or the stories that siblings share as they unite around the dinner table? We have the chance to create a wonderful life together. And photography is one of the ways that we can share our history with others.   


This is where Acorn and Oak Family Photography finds its purpose. We cherish our marriage and our children. We have devoted ourselves to being family photographers. To our family first and then to yours.


Our gift to you is a piece of history, something to help your memory as it fades. It is a gift that you will pass down to others. It is priceless.


The greatest portraits and photographs that histroy has ever known have something in common. They're real. Real people doing real things, showing real expressions, and real love for one another. 


We know that life is not posed and it does not sit still for very long. So we prefer to offer you little adventures that we turn into photographs. Your newborn baby may cry and scream and just want to nurse, but we will still make wonderful photos. Your kids are like a whirl wind. Never staying still, cheesy smiles, covered in dirt. And in all likelihood someone will fall and scrape their knees.  But the photos we make will amaze you.


From our family to yours, we offer you the gift of photography.

PS - We've begun to write a bit about the story of our family business, you can about it here.

What Our Family Business Means to Me.

A Little More About Us

So now you know our thoughts on why we do what we do. but you want to know more about us!
Who does the laundry? Who does the cooking? Boxers of briefs?

After our punk rock years of late nights and road trips w
e got married in 2005 in Quinte and rushed off to university in Toronto to study theology and philosophy. After 4 years there we moved back to Quinte and were lead step by step into photography!

Now we are the proud parents of 3 kids who we homeschool in between births, photo sessions and workshops!

Mat does the laundry, Naomi does the cooking.
Mat loves good coffee. Naomi loves good wine.
And we still love punk rock and road trips.

 We'll leave you guessing about the boxers.

Now that you know us...
Let us get to know you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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