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Documentary Sessions

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Most of my photo sessions have a candid feel to them. Sure, you'll get together and pose for some photos, but I love all the natural moments in between.

But some families don't want any posing at all. No looking at the camera, no fake smiles. Just 100% fun.

Documentary sessions capture your family being yourselves. We go to your favourite pace and do your favourite things as a family together.

I photograph every moment of it, without you stopping to pose or even needing to be aware of the camera.

It could be a family adventure in Prince Edward County. Maybe at Sandbanks in Picton, or North Beach in near Wellington and Consecon.

But you could have just as much fun on your own family farm or a fishing adventure on the Moira River in Belleville.

You pick the adventure and I'll take the photos.

Hi, I'm Mat!

I've loved documenting life ever since I was a kid with a camera.

First it was trips to Niagara Falls and the orcas at Marineland. Then it was rock band and road trips as a teen. Now I document our everyday family adventure with kids - by far the most exciting par t of the journey so far.

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