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Presqu'ile Provincial Park - Family Photos

Presqu'ile Provincial Park is one of my favourite places to photograph families because they have so much fun there.

Siblings running down the boardwalk at Presqu'ile Provincial Park in Brighton, Ontario.

The Presqu'ile Boardwalk.

I've planned a circuit that keeps the fun fresh for the entire session.

The adventure begins at the boardwalk where kids can explore the marsh and walk through reeds that tower over their heads.

A couple hugging on the Presqu'ile Boardwalk.
It's the perfect chance to get an updated photo of mom and dad when the kids are occupied with the marsh.

The Lighthouse at Presqu'ile Provincial Park

We're off to the lighthouse before the kids have a chance to get bored at the marsh. It's the perfect chance to have fun throwing rocks into Lake Ontario.

The Beach at Presqu'ile Provincial Park

The beach is the third and final stop of the adventure... you'll see why in a moment.

Mat is celebrating 10 years of raising kids and taking family pics.

He believes every family photo session should be an adventure.

He keeps in touch with his inner child through reading, journalling, photography, and adventures with his family.

Book your family photo session with him at Presqu'ile Provincial Park or your family's favourite place!

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