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Let Them Dance

There are some moments you just don't see coming and you never could have asked for.

It took some time for me to find my way as a photographer.

At first, I was just a kid with a camera and a couple roles of film. Then I grew up and fell into a job as a real photographer. I traveled from school to school photographing students. Some of those schools had less than 20 kids. But others had thousands. I photographed day cares, high school pranksters and people graduating law school.

Unable to resist my entrepreneurial spirit, I made a break and started my own photography business.

Suddenly, I was on my own with no cookie-cutter format. No boss telling me how my pictures were supposed to look. Just me and a family, with a camera between us.

One afternoon I found myself in a sunflower field with a family. The sun was perfect, the flowers were beautiful - the kids were chaotic bundles of energy.

During a little break so that mom could nurse her infant, I look over and see the oldest sister dancing on a dirt path, sun breaking over her shoulder.

I knew it was a defining moment. It was the sort of moment that defines her. That's who she is. Her life is filled with these moments.

But also, it was a defining moment for my photography. It's the moment I realized this is what we're after, isn't it?

This is what we love about our kids. How they dance in the dirt, turn everything into a game, climb and jump and run. Sure, we want a nice traditional family photo. But we can go deeper. We can let our kids be kids and see what happens.

Families don't sit still, so neither can our pictures.

Photo of a girl dancing during a family photo session in Bellville, Ontario.

A picture of Mat, ready to photograph your family anywhere in the Quinte area!

Hey, I'm Mat!

I love exploring Belleville and Prince Edward County, discovering beautiful places to photograph your family.

Whatever your stage of life, if you're ready to freeze time and capture some memories I would love to be your photographer.

Have a look at my photos and get in touch to book your session.

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