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Toddler Photo Session (Maternity)

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Toddlers have a will of their own. A very strong will of their own! That could make a photo session difficult. Unless you know the secret to a toddler.

Once you know the secret, you realize that toddlers were made for photo sessions.

Shy toddler during family photo session Belleville

What do you do when they're shy?

First, you don't get in their face. That never helps a shy child.

You let them warm up and get used to the new place they're in.

Then you turn shyness into a game.

Playing games with toddlers during family photos

What's the secret to a toddler?

Some people think it's bribery.

The natural reaction when a toddler is not cooperating is to start bribing and begging them to look at the camera and smile.

But the secret isn't bribery.

Now, bribery might work if they were mob bosses or dictators. I know that toddlers can seem like little dictators sometimes. But they're not. Being motivated by bribes is not their true nature.

Bribery at a photo session is unnecessary when you understand their nature.

Exploring a barn at the Quinte Conservation Area in Belleville

Always on the move.

Just as your little one starts to warm up and have fun, we begin to move.

The candid moments along the way are playful and priceless.

Funny close up toddler portrait

You're on an adventure, and your little one leads the way!

Well, they think they're leading the way.

I've got a little course plotted out. Having scouted out the location, I've chosen just the right places for you to be together and let lots of little candid moments happen.

Some locations are meant for capturing candid moments. Forget about the camera.

Little girl collecting rocks

Having raised three toddlers of my own, I know how much they love throwing rocks into the water.


Girl throwing rocks in Bay of Quinte Conservation Area

Pine cones!

It's no fluke that we pass under some huge pine trees. They'll be carrying armloads of them and stuffing pine cones into your pockets!

The secret to a toddler.

One thing a toddler cannot resist is play. They are hardwired for play.

But also exploration.

Playful exploration; that's the nature of a toddler.

If you understand their nature then you know what to do.

You don't bribe. They're not interested in that.

You take them to a place where play is inevitable. A place that was made for exploration. A place with adventure saying, "come find me."

A place with treasures scattered everywhere - like rocks, sticks and pine cones for souvenirs.

You don't have to fight for control, and the photo session doesn't have to be stressful. When you understand the nature of a toddler, it's all fun and games.

Something wonderful happens to you along the way.

You might rediscover the spirit of exploration.

Of getting dirt on your clothes.

Of finding a little rock that catches your eye.

And, of not wanting to leave yet.

Golden hour at Quinte Conservation Area

It doesn't even feel like a photo shoot. It just feels like an incredible day out for your family.

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Hi, I'm Mat!

I don't just bring my camera, but my life experiences to your photo session - the joy of raising three little kids, and even my own childhood memories.

For me, every photo session is answering the call to adventure.

Get in touch with me here to book your family photo session.

I love to travel so I'm happy to photograph your family beyond Cobourg, Brighton, Prince Edward County, Picton, Trenton and Belleville.

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