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Snow Day

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

It was grade 3. The class was settled, the teacher was teaching. Suddenly, somebody yelled, SNOW!!! and we all rushed to the window.

The teacher was not enthused. She was from another planet where they hate snow.

I remember another day in grade 5 when the forecast called for heavy snow late in the day. We sat on the edge of our seats waiting for the buses to come early.

There were rumours that we'd all be sent home by first recess. Definitely by lunch anyway. Then we heard that the buses were unlikely to make it at all - because of the snow. That's how much there was going to be.

Most of us lived close enough to walk home. I suppose we'd be arctic explorers by the end of the day. If we made it home. There were no guarantees - because of how much snow there would be.

All day, our minds obsessed over every possible scenario. We had drawn up sleeping arrangements and rations in case we had to spend the night at school - because of the blizzard.

I can remember the anticipation, but my mind is dark when it comes to memories of the actual storm. I imagine it must have been huge. I'd remember if it wasn't.

The anticipation was the most fun. Knowing that in an hour or two the landscape would be transformed. We'd be forging paths, climbing snow mountains, and digging forts.

Everything about the usual routine is thrown out of whack. As soon as the snow comes.

Hi, I'm Mat!

The snow may have kept me home from school, but that just meant more time for taking pictures :)

On sunny days and snow days, you'll find me photographing families and teaching photography.

I travel Cobourg, Trenton, Belleville, and Prince Edward County - after the blizzard!

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